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About Noise Abatement and Related Environmental Issues

The City of New Smyrna Beach and the airport staff work continuously to maintain good relations with federal and local agencies, and community groups to ensure that we exhibit a commitment to being a good neighbor.

This includes working with the community to address excessive aircraft noise. A number of noise abatement procedures have been instituted to ensure that the Airport and the aviation community remain sensitive to quality-of-life issues. The New Smyrna Beach Airport considers aircraft noise a priority issue and our staff understand its importance to the local communities. Efforts by the staff to reduce the impacts of aircraft noise date back several years. Since then, the airport has remained steadfast in implementing voluntary noise abatement procedures and working with local flight schools to mitigate the impacts.

The New Smyrna Beach airport participates in a noise abatement program.  A noise abatement procedure is a recommended flight path aircraft follow to minimize noise over a populated area. Because this is a recommended (voluntary) procedure, and not mandatory, pilots may decline to follow it due to safety concerns or other operating considerations. For some noise abatement procedures, a pilot must be able to see specific visual cues. If the visual cues are not visible, the pilot will not be able to safely follow the noise abatement procedure. Other procedures rely on navigational equipment capabilities. 

For more information, please contact our team, at (386) 410-2680 or email

About Aviation Noise

Ongoing Noise Study for 2023

Earlier this year (2023), the New Smyrna Beach Commission voted to move forward with a study as a supplement to the full Part 150 study that was completed for NSB in 2011. This study will cover what current noise levels are in the vicinity of the airport as compared to the last study, landing fee feasibility, and what options the airport has to mitigate noise for the surrounding community. It's important to support the airport users while also reducing that impact to local residents as much as we are legally able. Below is a PDF showing results of the data that was compiled and now delivered in a format easy to consume. If you have any questions, please contact our office and we will be happy to help. 



  • Conduct Public Kickoff Meeting – February 23rd - Complete.

  • Review and Evaluate Current Operational Conditions  Complete.

  • Generate Existing Contours - Complete.

  • Secure Radar Data - (April 30th - Complete)

  • Secure Latest 12 Months of ATADS Data - (May 20th - Complete)

  • Process Data and Generate Contours - (June 15th - Complete)

  • Advertise Community Open House/Workshop – Complete.

  • Conduct Community Open House/Workshop – July 27th/ 28th - Complete

  • Review Noise Abatement Measures – September

  • Landing Fee Feasibility – October

  • City Council Briefing – November

Noise Abatement Procedures for Pilots

Voluntary noise abatement procedures for New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport (Jack Bolt Field) are covered in-depth to include written procedures, airfield diagrams, and aerial footage. Please note the video below and the noise abatement diagram are not intended to preempt the responsibility of the pilot-in-command are not intended to conflict with the instructions from ATC or those that are the exclusive authority of the FAA. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the pilot-in-command of each aircraft have sole jurisdiction and responsibility for flight paths. Accordingly, only the FAA has enforcement capability over these issues. The City of New Smyrna Beach, as the proprietor of the Airport, has no authority or control over aircraft in flight.

Pilots Working with Communities

The following voluntary noise abatement procedures are requested unless a deviation is required due to poor weather, ATCT instructions, flight clearance, an in-flight emergency, or any other safety of flight issue.

  • Avoid flying over residential areas when possible.

  • Departing aircraft should climb out at Vy (best rate of climb). Reduce power as soon as safe and practical.

  • No low altitude, high RPM approaches ("dragging it in") on extended downwind, base, and final.

  • Utilize VFR runway markings including fixed distance markers 1,000 ft. past the threshold for flight training.

  • No touch & go operations between 1700 EST and 0800 EST.

  • No repetitive flight training operations at the airport between 2200 EST and 0700 EST, on Sundays, and national holidays.

  • No more than eight touch & go’s without coming to a full stop or departing the pattern.

  • No engine maintenance run-ups between 2200 EST and 0800 EST.


Tips for Homebuyers

NSB's Airport is located in the heart of our community, minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, Canaveral Seashore, Ponce Inlet, and downtown New Smyrna Beach. The convenient location means the airport is surrounded by homes and businesses.

As a good neighbor, we want to make newcomers aware of the airport’s location and share our noise abatement efforts while highlighting the contribution the Airport makes to the community by providing employment for hundreds of people, offering outstanding service to corporate and general aviation fliers, and contributing more than $240 million to the local economy each year.

For more information on noise please visit our FAQ's tab.

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