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When visiting NSB there are many local hotels that offer exceptional service. There are also many Airbnb options as well as VRBO. Please check out the link below as well as some of the nearby locations for your NSB home! 

Who we are

This is a charming beach town rooted in local culture, art and a beautiful, white sandy shoreline. Known for its coastal architecture and personality, New Smyrna Beach is a prime location for surfers as well as visitors looking for a laidback community filled with hidden adventures. The area is surrounded by intriguing history, artistic talents, one-of-a-kind boutiques, local eateries and more than enough outdoor activities to fill your vacation calendar. Add the drivable beach, eco-tourism and pet-friendly amenities to the mix and you have the perfect blend of opportunities waiting to be explored. No matter how simple or eclectic your taste, the New Smyrna Beach area has something for everyone. Visit NSB!

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