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Taxiway Bravo Project

Airport Staff Report

Jun 8, 2024

From time to time our pavement surfaces need to be reconstructed or rehabilitated. Taxiway Bravo is anticipated to be repaired at the end of this year/ beginning of next year.

Pavement at the airfield will degrade overtime as with any airport improvement. We schedule projects years in advance to be proactive with the items that will depreciate. Pavement is tested and given a Pavement Condition Index. We take that information to plan our improvements for the taxiways, runways, ramps.

This rehabilitation and change to the ends of RWY 7/25 will have a tentative starting date of the first quarter of calendar year 2025. This will include a reduction in pavement for our main runway. Additionally, drainage will be repaired/replaced along with the replacement of all lighting. Before we begin this project, we will give ample notice to users in how this will affect their day-to-day usage of the airport. We look forward to extending the life of our valued airfield and maintain EVB to its highest and best use!

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