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New Airport Administration Building

Airport Staff Report

May 31, 2024

We are excited to be building a new administrative building/ general aviation terminal!

We finally are building a new administrative building for the New Smyrna Beach Airport! In order for any airport to function properly it needs a good base to operate from. Currently our building is about 1000 square feet in total with public restrooms. Due to growth, we found the need for an upgrade. Tentatively construction is slated for the first quarter of the 2025 calendar year.

This new building will be located where the current building sits. This building will house enough from for current staff and have room for the addition of new staff as the team grows. Other features will include clean interior and exterior restrooms for itinerate traffic, a lobby area, a break room, and an area for pilot flight planning. We are looking forward to a better way to connect with the public on the airside as well as from the landside. New Smyrna Beach will finally have the welcome center that reflects well on our beachside community!

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