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Fuel Farm Rehabilitation Project

Airport Staff Report

May 31, 2024

In the coming months the airport will undergo a rehabilitation of the fuel storage tanks.

Living in a corrosion intense environment this close to the coast is harsh on our steel equipment. Constant maintenance is needed to make our equipment safe and cost effective. Additionally, our airport has determined a need for more storage of fuel to be available. We are using a grant by the Florida Department of Transportation to rehabilitate our existing two fuel storage tanks and to add a third storage tank. The third tank will initially store more AVGAS doubling our capacity on that fuel type. An added benefit is that this third take will have the ability to be purged and changed into Jet fuel or an alternative fuel in the future if the market dictates.

The Federal Aviation Administration pushes for all airports to be self-sustaining and fuel is one of the ways we are able to increase our revenue, so we don't have a need to use local taxpayer dollars. During construction there will be a disruption to our self-serving fuel system, after we are clear on the logistics of these disruptions, we will post that for the public. If you have any questions, please reach out to our airport office at the contact information in the footer.

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